Who is the Boss? Proceeds so far: € 1.465! Dear Irma, Thank You!

A book and storytelling book for children, friends, parents, uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers. Children learn in a playful manner how to cope with dogs and to avoids problems and accidents. It is actually a book for anyone who deals with dogs.
Order this book and help raise money for the Sytske Foundation. The total proceeds go towards Sytske Foundation. Write me an email and I will send you a copy.

Costs: € 10,00 excluding shipment.

Email: irmafrijlink@yahoo.com

Sytske is our old neighbor girl and her parents are good friends of ours. When Sytske became ill at the age of 9, we moved next door. We witnessed how strong Sytske was as a child and now as a woman. She is always looking for possibilities of what she can do and not of what she can not do anymore. She is an inspiration for many others.

She and her fellow patients deserve the new Dutch insulin pump. It is just impossible to bear that a producer can take a decision just like that to stop producing something that is so essential to thousands of people. How wonderful that a Dutch company is now developing the new pump.