We need the DiaLin insulin pump!

Sytske has Type 1 diabetes which is an auto-immune illness. She belongs to the small group of people who will not survive long, certainly not outside hospital, without an internal insulin pump. Unfortunately, however, the manufacturer has decided to stop producing this insulin pump. All Sytske's hope is now centred on the new implantable insulin pump called DiaLin for which 500,000 Euros has been generated via this campaign to complete the development phase. This is of utmost urgency for Sytske and her fellow sufferers!

Donating is not possible anymore

On December 27, 2018 the foundation has achieved its goal of more than € 500.000. Thanks to you! That's why we are closing the possibility for donating. Via our website we will inform you regularly about the development of the new implantable insulin pump.

Funds raised

The full proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the development of the DiaLin insulin pump. The directors of the Foundation are passionate about the case and work free of charge. The volunteers and other parties connected to the Foundation are also fully committed and do not expect to be recompensed for their involvement.