Stopping is irresponsible

'Stopping production of the internal insulin pump is irresponsible as long as there is no reasonable alternative. Users often have to go to hospital, run the risk of serious complications and have a higher chance of dying', according to Henk Bilo, diabetes expert and Professor at the University Medical Centre in Groningen. 'Thousands of people can benefit from the DiaLin implantable insulin pump. It is innovative, patient-friendly, reliable and affordable and can be combined with an internal sensor that would continuously measure blood sugar levels. There is so much future in the new pump. '


For and by the users

The new DiaLin insulin pump is based on the needs and experiences of patients and health workers. As a result, it has many advantages over the current implantable insulin pump that was conceived and developed by technicians. The key advantages are a better quality of life (including reduced hospitalisations) for patients and improving the self-reliance and independence of health workers.

Benefits of the new pump

  • The DiaLin insulin pump is 40% smaller in size than the current pump
  • The anatomical design makes the pump also suitable for young children and slimmer people
  • Wearing the pump is more comfortable due to its separation into two parts: a service unit and an insulin unit
  • After placement in the muscle the insulin unit can remain there for at least 10 years: twice as long as the current pump
  • The service unit contains the more-sensitive parts as well as the rechargeable battery and can be inserted under local anaesthesia
  • Fully safe and secure thus making restrictions such as air travel, activities above 1,500 metres or diving activities a thing of the past
  • An extensive range of alarms (linked to a central computer) and programmes to help regulate the diabetes
  • The pump is attached to a sensor and both are located in the abdominal cavity where it is possible to measure blood glucose levels and the release of insulin


Ipadic team from left to right:

Prof (Retired) Dr. Ir. J.A.E. (Jos) Spaan, Professor Of Medical Physics; H. (Harma) Bultman, RN, Diabetic Nurse;

Drs. Mr. A.M. (Adri) Blomme, Surgeon; G.J. (Gerrit) Stam, MA, BSc, Director Ipadic; Prof Dr. H.J.G. (Henk) Bilo, Internist