December 27, 2018: Total of Donations and Endowments: € 534.536!

Our efforts and activities in relation to the innovative implantable insulin pump have been successful! The total amount of all donations via Whydonate as well as the donations that have been made directly into the Sytske Foundation bank account now total: €534.536!!

Thanks to you we have achieved more than 100% of our target!

Dear Donors!

Although it is impossible for us to personally thank all the 5,000 donors who have embraced the Sytske Foundation we would like to sincerely thank you for all your support . Thanks to your contributions we have achieved our goal. Every donation brought us closer to our target: Sytske and her fellow sufferers being fitted with the innovative, life-saving implantable insulin pump.

All proceeds will go to the development of the new insulin pump, DiaLin. The aim is to have the new pump available as quickly as possible to the diabetes type 1 patients who currently receive insulin administered through an internal pump.

There are currently 70 people in The Netherlands who have an internal insulin pump, 350 who need one and 650 people who could be considered for one.

Thanks to your contribution and commitment our goal has been realised. Once again, many thanks for your amazing support!

Best regards,

The Board of the Sytske Foundation

Marquiette Schaap, President
Carola Schothorst, Secretary
Helen Nederlof, Treasurer