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Houten, 25 March 2018

New life-saving, implantable insulin pump will save lives

Sytske Foundation aims to raise half a million Euros

The Sytske Foundation wants to raise half a million Euros within a short period of time so that the development of a life-saving, implantable insulin pump for patients with Type 1 diabetes can be speeded up. The current manufacturer is stopping production thus leaving thousands of people worldwide to their fate. The foundation is named after the 33-year-old Sytske who herself has Type 1 diabetes. Their last hope is centred on the Dutch company IPaDiC that, with a team of medical specialists, is developing a patented internal delivery system. 500,000 Euros is required for the final stage of the development of this important innovation in diabetes care. The Sytske Foundation is now, with the help of their Ambassador Jeroen van der Boom, committed to raising this amount so that Sytske and her fellow sufferers will, in a timely manner, receive a new internal insulin pump. In The Netherlands there are currently 70 people using an internal insulin pump, 350 are in urgent need of one and another 650 people will require one.


Sytske is herself one of the seventy people currently wearing a pump. She has known since she was 9 years old that she has Type 1 diabetes. During the past six years her sight, as a result of this illness, has regressed so much that she now needs to use a guide dog to continue living a free and independent lifestyle. The new, implantable insulin pump is also vital.

The DiaLin insulin pump which is now in development is anatomically shaped, 40% smaller, lighter and more reliable than the current implantable pump system. One of the initiators is medical nephrologist Prof. Dr. Henk Bilo, who is an authority in the field of diabetes. ' As long as there is no reasonable alternative stopping production of the internal insulin pump is irresponsible. Users end up in hospital, suffer from severe complications and have a high risk of dying.'

Providing that the five hundred thousand Euros is raised on-time, the first patients will, by the end of 2019, be able to receive their insulin pump.' This important innovation is the last resort for Sytske and her fellow sufferers. We are investing our hearts and souls in the process to ensure that the pump becomes a reality, ' says Carola Schothorst and Marquiette Schaap, initiators of the Sytske Foundation.

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