PRESS RELEASE: € 500,000 goal achieved!

PRESS RELEASE - Blaricum, 14 July 2018

Green light for the new life-saving, implantable insulin pump.

The Sytske Foundation achieves their target of half a million euros.

The Sytske Foundation has, within four months, reached their target of raising 500,000 Euros to ensure that the development of a life-saving implantable insulin pump for patients with type 1 diabetes can be achieved as quickly as possible. This 500,000 Euros sees the launch of the final phase of  development of this important innovation in diabetes care.

Hope for a more sustainable future

Chairman of the Board of the Sytske Foundation, Marquiette Schaap: ' I had not in my wildest dreams thought that we would reach the target amount in such a short time. Thanks to our ambassador Jeroen van der Boom, all 5,000 donors and the activities of many volunteers who were all touched by the personal story of Sytske and the need for urgent action, has the target amount of 500,000 Euros been attained within only four months. We are all incredibly grateful for everyone’s contributions and for the fact that Sytske and her fellow sufferers once again have hope of a normal future. Thanks to our campaign and publicity numerous parties have offered further financial support to IpaDic, which is developing the innovative insulin pump DiaLin, to continue the development process. We will continue to follow and report on the development of the pump and will post regular updates on the Sytske Foundation website. '

One of the initiators of the Dutch company IpaDic is medical nephrologist Prof. Dr. Henk Bilo, who is an authority in the field of diabetes. Professor Bilo has stated: ' Thanks to the Sytske Foundation campaign and all the donors we can, together with a team of medical specialists and without further delay, start the next test phase. As a result of the speed of the process we have greatly improved the pace of development of the DiaLin pump which is critically required by diabetes type 1 patients '.


The foundation is named after the 34-year-old Sytske who herself has type 1 diabetes and is one of the seventy pump carriers in The Netherlands. She has known since she was nine years old that she has type 1 diabetes. In the last seven years her eyes have, as a result of this illness, regressed so much that she now needs a guide dog in order to lead a free and independent life. The new implantable insulin pump is also of vital importance to her. Without this insulin pump she would have to stay in hospital on a permanent basis. Due to the fact that the current manufacturer is stopping production, her last hope, and that of her fellow sufferers, is invested in the new DiaLin implantable insulin pump. There are currently 70 people in The Netherlands who have an internal insulin pump, 350 who need one and 650 people who could be considered for one.

Sytske: ' I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has made a contribution! You have given me and my fellow sufferers hope '.

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